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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Digi & Maxis - Apple iPhone 4 will launch before End of September 2010

Finally! Finally! iPhone 4 is launch by Digi & Maxis!!!

Malaysia: “Apple iPhone 4 to be available in Malaysia by the end of September 2010.” We hope the news is real.
Malaysians have been waiting for iPhone 4 from their local telcos (Maxis and DiGi) for a long long time… The registration of interest for iPhone 4 started in July.
According to my friend at MalaysianWireless.com, both Maxis and Digi will launch iPhone 4 in Malaysia after 20th September 2010 but before October.

What is the iPhone 4 price in Malaysia?

The unofficial iPhone 4 price in Malaysia in June was starting at (bloody) RM3,800 (USD$1,223).
A recent post on Lowyat.net revealed the pricing of iPhone 4 in Malaysia:
iPhone 4 prices
RM2090 for 16gb
RM2490 for 32gb

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The prices are very near to the iPhone 4 prices in Singapore, one of the lowest price in the World as I mentioned in previous blog post: 3 reasons why Malaysians want to buy Singapore iPhone 4.
If the Malaysia iPhone 4G prices are real, I believe many people will forget the pain of waiting iPhone 4 in Malaysia and queue to buy it as soon as the local telcos launched it.
Oh! I, too, am tempting now!

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