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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPad 3 thicker than iPad2 0.81mm [Photo]

Wow, there has been an onslaught of iPad 3 news this morning. Not only did Apple send out media invitations for what is expected to be its iPad 3 event, but we’ve also heard multiple reports on the new tablet.
The latest news comes from Apple.pro — a Chinese blog known for leaking information on upcoming Apple products. The site points to new photos of what it claims to be the rear shell of an iPad 3, along with some interesting details…
All of the evidence we’ve seen up to this point regarding what Apple’s new tablet will look like has pointed to two things. One, the iPad 3 will bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor. And two, it will be a tad thicker than the previous version.
These new photos echo the two theories, depicting iPad 2 and iPad 3 shells being measured. As you can see, the iPad 3, which measures in at 9.50mm, comes in 0.81mm thicker than the 8.69mm iPad 2. The consensus seems to be, however, that the difference will be almost undetectable to most users.
You might be wondering why, when the rest of the industry is trying to make their products thinner, Apple chose to make the iPad 3 thicker. The answer is simple — components. Apple obviously needed the extra room to house the larger processor, sharper display, and LTE radios.
Want to see the real thing for yourself? Make sure you tune in to #BlogAboutEverything on March 7th for complete iPad 3 event coverage.
Note: the image wrongly shows 86.9mm and 95.0mm, which is incorrect. Real size is 8.69mm and 9.5mm. We didn’t edit the image because this is not our image.

Apple unveiling iPad 3 on 7th March in San Francisco

The Verge just reported (and The Loop concurred) that Apple sent invites for that iPad 3 introduction you have waited for, likely with tingling anticipation. The presser is March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10 a.m. PST. The three app icons featured on the shot hold subtle clues: The Maps icon shows an infinite loop (it is the “who,” as Apple’s address is 1 Infinite Loop); the Calendar displays Wednesday, March 7 (the “when”); and, the “what” is conveyed through the self-explanatory Keynote app icon.
This news officially exposed CNBC’s report calling for a March unveiling in New York City as grossly inaccurate. True to Apple’s form, the invite teases with an iPad close-up shot featuring a finger touching upon the Calendar icon. The tagline reads:
"We have something you really have to see. And touch."
Both the wording (“something you really have to see”) and the image (can you discern the individual pixels on iPad’s display?) would appear to confirm the long-standing rumors of an ultra high-resolution Retina Display (2048-by-1536 pixels), reportedly the key selling point of the device. Also interesting is lack of the physical home button—assuming the close-up was meant to depict iPad 3 in portrait orientation. Some fans also took to Twitter to note how Apple unmistakably sent out invites just as Eric Schmidt was delivering his Google keynote talk at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
Our sources expect at least three next-generation iPads possibly running a dual-core A5X chip sporting an improved graphics engine. Per Apple’s naming convention, the A5X seems to be an alleged evolution of iPad 2′s A5 processor and not a major upgrade the rumored quad-core A6 chip is expected to be. Today’s announcement also reinforces claims of near-immediate availability based on sightings of iPad shipments landing at ports of multiple countries around the world.
9to5Mac will provide live coverage of the announcements as they happen. 

[Via: 9to5mac]

Saurik explains why Cydia must reload packages

Have you ever wondered why Cydia has to perform the ‘loading packages’ step every time you open it up? Well reddit user indochris609 did, and decided to take his question to the reddit jailbreak forum.
Dozens of users responded to the query, including Cydia’s creator, Saurik. And as usual, the hacker/developer’s explanation of the topic at hand is both interesting and informative…

“So, the “Reloading Data” step is something that can be made faster (and often is: new releases of Cydia often improve the performance of Reloading Data, and it is drastically improved when Apple releases new devices; on the new A5 CPU that step is almost pleasant).

However, the part where it is downloading packages from third party servers is a different story: Cydia, unlike the App Store (or almost any similar service), stores the entire package catalog locally. This is why it can (quite quickly, in fact) render an insanely long table with all packages in it that you can just fling your way through, while the App Store shows you 25 packages at a time with a slow “load more” button.

However, this means that it actually has to keep packages locally, and has to keep their records up to date. From a “cold start”, downloading the package catalog is something like three megabytes, compressed (totaled from BigBoss, ModMyi, and ZodTTD).”

Saurik goes on to explain that Cydia must download the package catalog on every load to ensure that users will automatically see all of the latest uploaded packages and updates. There is, however, a 15 minute window after Cydia performs this task where it won’t automatically download the catalog upon launch.
Saurik’s entire response to the aforementioned question is worth reading if you have the time. It’ll remind you why he’s one of the most recognized figures in the jailbreak community, and why Cydia is still the number one store for jailbreakers. 

[Via: idownlaodblog]

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Siri Proxy servers Successfully

Tired of trying several paid Siri Proxy servers or free SiriPort.ru to port Siri on your iPhone and iPod touch? GreenRiver siriServer is a new easy & reliable solution for porting SIRI on iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod touch 4G. It is a Proxy Server that does not require any iPhone 4S authentication tokens and follows unique simple approach [100% legal].

GreenRiver siriServer uses GoogleSpeechAPI which takes input as the speech packets from the recorded by siriClients of your voice and then converts it to the speex codec and sends it to google for processing. After processing google sends what you said in plain text, the server relays the information back to siri on your iDevice. The complete process does not require iPhone 4S keys and no connection to Apple servers, which eliminates all the hassle.
siriServer free Siri proxy currently works with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G running iOS 5. It does not support iPad 2 and first generation iPad, so iPad users please DON’T proceed with the process. 
Is Simple & Easy porting Siri on ur older iDevices by just DONATE to us and we will send to u the Tutorial & Proxy URL with (certificate) after Donations been Confirm.
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iTweak: an upcoming alternative to Cydia

Since the jailbreak community formed sometime in late 2007, we’ve seen a number of “App Store alternatives.” I can think of Icy, Cydia, Rock Your iPhone, and Installer just off the top of our head.
Now it looks like we could soon be adding another option into the mix: iTweak. The new store describes itself as a ‘Cydia alternative’ where jailbreakers will be available to find all of their favorite tweaks, themes and utilities…

iTweakStore.com just went live with a ‘Coming Soon’ banner, and the following message:

“Welcome to iTweak! iTweak is one of the best places to get all of your Tweaks, Themes, Utilities and more on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! We serve as an alternative to Cydia, and the Apple App Store.”

We’ve seen a number of promising Cydia challengers over the years that never managed to materialize, so for now we’re remaining skeptical. But if these guys can really deliver on their claims of a “fast, powerful, and easy to use” jailbreak store, we’re all for it.
There doesn’t seem to be any word on when iTweak will be open for business, but as always we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as the story develops.
What do you think of iTweak so far? Do we really need a Cydia alternative?

Tweaks: ‘Deck’ on your HomeScreen

The Deck teaser video with a simulator preview was nice, but nothing does it justice like a little hands-on action.
A few minutes ago I was able to go one-on-one with the upcoming Deck jailbreak tweak from SBCoders.
Is it as smooth as the initial preview video? You betcha.

Deck allows you to invoke a “hotbar” from the Home screen, which allows you to access a plethora of system functions, apps, and shortcuts.
The tweak is still in beta, but as you can tell from the video, it’s running really smooth right now.
We’ll let you know as soon as it drops on Cydia, but in the meantime tell us what you think about it. Does Deck have a place reserved in your iPhone workflow?

Adobe Photoshop Touch hits iPad 2

Photoshop maker Adobe Systems, Inc., released a long-expected iPad companion aptly named “Photoshop Touch.” The Android version demonstrated at Maxx earlier this year and released shortly afterwards.
The first in a series of six touch-optimized apps (the other five are Collage, Debut, Ideas, Kuler and Proto), it supports Photoshop layers—arguably the basic and most-oft used Photoshop feature. With simple finger gestures, users can combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits, and apply professional effects. It also provides advanced selection tools and adjustments.
According to Adobe’s website, the tablet-exclusive Scribble Selection Tool lets you extract objects in an image by simply scribbling on what to keep and then what to remove. With Refine Edge technology from Adobe Photoshop, even hard-to-select areas with soft edges, such as hair, are easily captured when making selections. Photoshop Touch also plays nice with Creative Cloud—a brand new paid cloud storage service from Adobe for seamless sync of your Photoshop files between desktop and iPad.
Social sharing is also supported through Facebook or email. You can also import images from Facebook, Google Image Search, and your iPad’s camera roll. Photoshop Touch works only on iPad 2 and requires iOS 5. The app is a $9.99 download from the App Store. Photoshop Touch became available on Android devices last November.

[Via: 9to5mac]

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rumor: iPad 3 already shipping from China

With the iPad 3 rumored to be announced in the first week of March, 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman has provided a few more tidbits about the iPad 3′s launch this evening. 9to5mac has obtained a leaked shipping document indicating that the iPad 3 has already begun shipping from China and is making its way to US airports. The document says that deliveries are set to take place March 9th.
Next, there’s word that Apple could be taking pre-orders for the iPad 3. You may recall that the iPad 2 wasn’t available for pre-order, while the original iPad was…
9to5mac says that iPad 3 pre-orders could begin as early as March 7th, or possibly a few days later. 
The iPad 3 is rumored to have a Retina display, quad-core processor, upgraded cameras, LTE, and Siri support. Apple’s new tablet is also rumored to ship with iOS 5.1.
Additionally, 9to5mac reports that Apple may launch a second product in March — which is most likely to be the upgraded Apple TV we’ve been hearing about over the past few months. Most likely shipping at $99, it’s rumored to have 1080p and Bluetooth 4 support.
Lastly, the report indicates that Apple may keep around the iPad 2 at a lower price point. Apple will discontinue all of the iPad 2′s, except the black and white 16GB units, to sell them for cheaper than the iPad 3.
With these rumors dropping in, an early March launch seems like a definite reality. It’s just a matter of what date exactly, we’re waiting on. Apple should be sending out invites to their press event in the coming days.
Are you excited for the iPad 3?

New Mercedes Benz A-Class to feature Siri integration

Being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month, stylish car manufacturer Mercedes will reveal its new Mercedes Benz A-Class automobile. Not only having a stylish outside, the new A-Class will feature Mercedes’ new COMAND entertainment system, which will be focused around the iPhone 4S’ Siri technology, reports AutoBlog.
COMAND will use Siri so drivers can make appointments, send text messages and emails, get weather information, and control their music through Siri’s voice commands. Siri is already a great tool and looks even better when integrated with your car’s speaker system…
Mercedes’ current A-Class is priced at £16,045 (USD$21,453), which is one of Mercede’s cheapest options. Mercedes says Siri integration will be rolling into its more expensive line of vehicles, the B-, C- and E-Class models, this fall.
You might remember that Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs’ automobile of choice was a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. I’m sure he would have loved to see his Siri technology embedded into his favorite whip.
Mercedes’ implementation of Siri sounds closely related to Ford’s Sync technology, which is developed by Microsoft. It’s great to see technology that gets the phone out of people’s hands, so they can pay attention to the road.
Mercedes’ is also set to reveal a new Digital DriveStyle app to the iTunes App Store that will stream Europe’s Pandora equivalent AUPEO! radio, connect with Facebook and Twitter to post statuses and read them allowed, and Garmin navigation system technology that will provide directions. All of which will be streamed out loud through the Mercedes’ speakers.
The new A-Class will first be launched in the UK. However, we expect Mercedes’ new COMAND entertainment to make its way to at least some automobiles in the US around fall.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top 3 smartphones sold in 2011

The iPhone has seen an enormous amount of success worldwide. Apple announced during its fiscal Q1 2012 earnings report that the iPhone sold a total of 37 million units in one quarter. Ranked the third phone manufacturer in the world, Apple is continuing to sell an abundance of iPhones.
When it comes to iPhone sales in the US, Apple sold the top three smartphones in 2011,according to a new report released by ComScore. The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4S found their way into the most hands of consumers…
So why isn’t the iPhone 4S ranked first? Remember the iPhone 4S launched October 14th, 2011, only giving the handset three months to rack up sales. In that three month period, the iPhone 4S earned an impressive spot at third most sold phone in the US.
The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS are obvious for the one and two spot, being on the market during 2011 for a total of nine months. Being priced at $99, people saw the iPhone 3GS as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 4.
Once the iPhone 4S was launched in October, people saw the iPhone 4 as a cheaper alternative, also at $99. For those who weren’t looking to spend too much, they could also choose from the iPhone 3GS for $50.
It’s interesting to see RIM’s BlackBerry Curve, most likely popular in the corporate world, earning the fourth ranked spot. Only one Android phone was found to be in the top five, the first 4G device — Sprint’s EVO 4G.
Yesterday, research group in US NDP released numbers indicating that Apple’s iPad was also the top tablet in the US. Amazon’s Kindle Fire trailed in second place. What about Malaysia & Singapore ? I think iPad2 will take Place.
For now, it appears Apple will remain king with device sales in the US. With the iPad 3 coming next month and rumored iPhone 5 coming in the summer, expect Apple to have another impressive year.

Tim Cook says Apple’s working on new products that “will blow our minds”

Apple hosted its annual shareholder’s meeting two days ago in Cupertino, California. This marked the first time that Tim Cook addressed the company’s board and its investors as Apple’s CEO.
Topics of the meeting ranged anywhere from Apple’s record-breaking quarter last year, to its relationship with Facebook. Those who attended the affair described Cook as witty, knowledgeable, and passionate as he talked about Apple’s future…
Tim Cook said:  “You can be assured we are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind.”
“Products that will blow your mind.” At first glance, this obviously sounds like a CEO selling his company. But if we take it at face value, the phrase has far more meaning.
When was the last time Apple unveiled something that blew your mind? I mean really blew your mind. Was it last year, with the iPhone 4S? No. Don’t get me wrong, Siri is cool and all. But it’s not mind-blowing. So the iPad 2 then? No. It was essentially the same thing as the original iPad, but thinner.
No, the last time that an Apple product really blew our minds (and this is clearly debatable) was the iPad — back in 2010. With its 10″ multitouch display, 10 hour battery life and seemingly endless array of possible uses, the iPad was definitely a game-changer.
With that in mind, the fact that Tim Cook says that Apple has products coming out this year that will blow our minds has us salivating. Is he talking about the iPad 3? Is the next iPhone really going to be that awesome? Will we finally see the rumored Apple television?
The world has been waiting to see if Apple can continue to churn out hit products now that Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm. Perhaps this is the year we start finding that out.

[Via: idownloadblogForbes] 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note is so much better than the iPhone [Video]

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note is so much better than the iPhone! Because, you know, you can crop your head and stitch it on a basketball player’s head, all that with a very handy stylus.

[Via: idownloadblog]

Teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 mockup

We are fans of Ciccarese Design here, even when its renderings do not closely follow Apple’s design language. The design studio’s new iPhone 5 mockup exploits a teardrop design meme in a lovely way. As rumormongers are well aware, a teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 was often speculated in the weeks and months leading up to the iPhone 4S launch.
The hype was in vain  for Apple’s new phone, though, that turned out to be almost identical to its predecessor (at least from the outside). With all eyes now on a rumored summer (or is it fall?) unveiling of a sixth-generation iPhone, the pundits again believe the launch will mark a major design change for Apple’s phone with the biggest visual overhaul since the original iPhone.
Now, do not get us wrong: We really do not think these mockups will be accurate. For starters, how would this thing sit flat on a table? Nevertheless, the renderings are interesting and appealing and we would love to hear your thoughts, so meet us in comments. Oh, and what is with the glowing Apple logo on the back, cool or what?

[Via: 9to5mac]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ABC’s documentary ‘A Trip to the iFactory’

ABC’s 25 minute documentary ‘(Video)A Trip to the iFactory‘ just aired on Nightline, where correspondent Bill Weir traveled to Foxconn for the world’s first full view of the operation inside. For those unfamiliar, Foxconn is the factory where Apple’s and other top brands’, products are manufactured.
In recent years, the Shenzhen, China based Foxconn has had a negative vibe in the public’s view. People have viewed Foxconn as exploiting workers, hiring people underage, and causing workers to become so depressed they commit suicide.
ABC was granted the first inside look at the factory, showing working and living conditions workers are under to produce our favorite Apple products. But did the way ABC portrayed Foxconn match public perception, or did it bring a whole different view (spoiler alert)?
As the program begun Bill Weir was quick to disclose the ties ABC has with Apple. ABC’s parent company is Disney, and not only is their CEO Bob Iger on Apple’s board, but Steve Job’s trust is the single largest shareholder. Weir tried to instill there wouldn’t be any biasedness.
The documentary begun with Bill Weir entering the Foxconn gates, guided by Foxconn execs. I instantly got the feeling that this place was run like a large city, because it really is. With over 1 million workers there has to be restaurants, stores, and more, for workers to enjoy themselves after long shifts.
Weir was told he was able to talk to any employee, at any time. Many employees told Weir about life at Foxconn. One employee complained about the trees blocking the dorms that didn’t let enough sunlight in, while even more complained about low wages. When Foxconn’s CEO was asked about low wages, he said he’d love to raise them. Which recently, Foxconn already did.
The documentary gave a real sense to how the production lines are at Foxconn. There’s nothing automated and workers are doing most of the work by hand. For example, it takes 141 production steps for one given Apple product (I didn’t catch which). Also, in a given day there can be 300,000 camera chips manufactured for the iPad. Foxconn literally churns out products.
To keep up with demand, Foxconn has to keep their production lines staffed at all times. ABC taped one Monday morning, as 3,000 Chinese citizens rushed through the gates at Foxconn in hopes of getting a job. A shocking 80% on average are hired.
When a prospective employee was asked about the suicides at Foxconn, she responded with, “it’s not really the company’s fault.”
While working at Foxconn, workers also stay in the dormitories. Suicide nets line every single building, after there were a string of 17 suicides in 2010. Apple’s then-COO Tim Cook brought together a group of social workers to help fix the problem. Interestingly, Foxconn’s suicide rate is lower than the rest of China.
Speaking to one worker about the overall atmosphere, he told Weir that it was equivalent to college life in the United States. Meals are expensive and everything is crowded.
When the production crew went out into the villages surrounding Foxconn, you could tell that people inside the plant really seemed to be better off. Living conditions ultimately felt more comfortable on the inside.
For those who have already seen it: did the documentary change your view on Foxconn?

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