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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start the Day With an Nice Cold Glass of Whiskey

Imagine pouring these into your morning bowl of cereal. Genius! Titled "Ecohols" by designer Jorn, I can see this turning into a whole new food group

[Via: Gizmodo & Fubiz]

Report: iPhone 5 Cases are “Everywhere” in China

According to MIC Gadget, iPhone 5 cases are “now everywhere” in China. The site has another gallery of the new designs, and these appear to be no different than any of the other cases i have showed you.

Chinese manufacturers appear to be confident that this is the design for the iPhone 5, as they have started mass producing them already. There is a huge incentive for these companies to have cases ready when the product comes out…

In fact, three people were sentenced to prison in china for leaking iPad 2 case designs before its launch. These leaks have turned out to be surprisingly accurate. The iPhone 3G as well as 5th and 6th generation iPod Nano cases turned out to be real.

What do you think?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New iPhone 5 Case Pictures Suggest Thinner, Wider, and Sleeker Design


There have been a lot of rumors floating around about the iPhone 5, especially this close to the alleged launch date. The rumors have been that new iPhone will be slimmer, have a bigger screen, and have a curved design.

With all the leaked iPhone case pictures making the rounds, it certainly seems that way. Today iDB have new pictures from 9to5mac that give you a pretty good look at the potential design…


The pictures indicate that it will indeed be slimmer as well as wider, and feature a curved design. The ringer select is on the opposite side of the volume keys which is a change from the previous models.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, the case is 5 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide. The iPhone 4 is 4.5 inches and 2.31 inches wide if that gives you any idea on the size difference.

What do you think of these specs? Is a bigger iPhone a better iPhone? iPhone5 / iPhone4GS?

iTunes 11 to Get Complete Facelift with iCloud Integration

It’s no secret that iTunes is due for a UI upgrade, and this should come true with the release of iTunes 11. A reliable source of ours has stated that iTunes 11, the next major update to iTunes, will be revamped from the ground up.

The basic layout of the iTunes UI hasn’t changed since the first version. This new update will have a completely different UI and better iCloud integration. 

From what i seen so far, the UI would be much more cleaner and “slick.” iCloud is also going to be more closely integrated with iTunes. Rather than the iTunes Store being essentially a web browser, the Store will actually be integrated into the entire app— much like Spotify is currently.

Also hearing that iCloud backups will be integrated into iTunes. This means if you back up your iDevice to iCloud, that same backup will be stored locally on your computer. Also, app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes. For example, if you beat a level in Angry Birds, that level data will be synced to iCloud and then to your iTunes library.

Are you eager for iTunes 11, or are you happy with the current design? Are you going to use iCloud for syncing your data when it releases this Fall?

[Via By: iphonedownloadblog.com & Icon by asdelpar]

Friday, July 29, 2011

The iPhone Air

As the iPhone 5 launch inches closer, it seems everyone wants to know what the device is going to look like. We’ve heard leaked information from “sources,” and even seen purported cases for the gadget, but still don’t really have much to go on.

This is one of the reasons that concepts are so interesting. Artists take the rumors and the speculation, and create visual representations. This is exactly what the folks over at Ciccarese Design have done with their latest creation, the iPhone Air…

Modeled after Apple’s popular ultra-thin line of MacBook Air computers, the iPhone Air is a culmination of all of the next-gen iPhone rumors we’ve been hearing as of late. From the tear-drop design, to the edge-to-edge display, these renderings could be fairly accurate — if all of the gossip holds true.


The tear-drop design was first mentioned back in April in an article by This is my next’s Joshua Topolsky, quoting one of his sources. Much like the MacBook Air, the tapered look would allow Apple to fit more hardware into the device, while keeping a seemingly-thin profile.

This concept also features an edge-to-edge screen, another rumor we’ve been hearing since the beginning of the year. This would enable Apple to make the iPhone’s display larger, without increasing the overall size of the device.

What do you think? Do you like this concept?

Apple May Release a Cheaper iPad This Year

More rumors are circulating today that Apple is getting ready to launch a new, cheaper iPad later this year, with three new hardware partners joining the manufacturing chain.

 sometimes reliable DigiTimes believes that the three new partners have been brought on board to help drop the manufacturing costs of the next iPad, with Apple aiming to compete with a lower price point than its current model….
“Apple is now more willing to adopt IC solutions from Taiwan-based IC design houses as it is adjusting the cost structure for iPad tablets in order to compete with an array of tablet PCs to be launched by rivals in the second half of 2011, commented the sources.”

This contradicts earlier reports that Apple was in fact looking to release a Pro, Retina Display-equipped version of the iPad, aimed at professionals who need a higher-resolution in their tablets. The iPad HD was also expected to ship alongside tablet versions of prosumerapps, such as Final Cut.

Apple is expected to release some form of iPad alongside its iPhone 5 in the next couple of months, and with rumors ranging from a budget model, right up to a premium one— we’re none-the-wiser as to what will actually come out of Cupertino this time around.

It’s also possible that the reason Apple is aiming to cut costs is to absorb the cost of a Retina Display, presumably with the aim of launching the iPad HD at a price-point similar to the current iPad 2 models. If that is indeed the case, however, where does that leave the tablets we all bought just a few short months ago?

Would you be willing to upgrade your tablet twice in less than a year? We’re not sure we would.
Oh, who are we kidding— of course we would!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

iPhone 5 Launch in Second Week of September

According to China Times, the iPhone 5 is set to be released in the second week of September with an opening order of 4 million units. This speculation lines up with current predictions.

According to suppliers, 400,000 trial units are currently being prepared. The news report goes on to say that the next generation iPad may be delayed until Thanksgiving due to component shortages…

There has been a shroud of mystery surrounding the features and appearance of the iPhone 5, but recent leaked case designs suggest a curved, tapered down look— while others have said that it will resemble the iPhone 4 design.

While the track record of the China Times has been a little shady, they do seem to be close to Apple’s suppliers in China and could very well have knowledge of the production plans. Reuters had reported eariler that the iPhone 5 would have a September release and start production in July.

Will released in Malaysia on October? What do u think?

NASA Launches iPad App For Earth Exploration

Instead of looking to the stars, NASA has decided to shift its gaze back towards earth. Visualization Explorer is a new, free iPad app from NASA that lets you see what’s going on in the world we live in.
The app reveals some of the actual science behind what NASA does on a daily basis, and new videos, photos and interactive walkthroughs will be added weekly about topics like climate change, global vegetation, and even space exploration.

“NASA science: revealed! This is the NASA Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research delivered right to your iPad. A direct connection to NASA’s extraordinary fleet of research spacecraft, this app presents cutting edge research stories in an engaging and exciting format. See the Earth as you’ve never seen it before; travel to places otherwise unavailable to even the most intrepid explorers! Download it now, tap into the power of NASA’s cutting-edge research today and check for new stories every week!”

Visualization Explorer really gets you immersed in NASA’s research, and there’s plenty of interesting video content as well. NASA will be updating the app weekly with a bunch of new content, so be sure to check back.

It’s not a free trip on a space shuttle, but hey, we’ll take it.

Grab NASA’s newest iPad app for free in the App Store.

Fake Apple Stores in China Getting Shut Down

You may have heard about the fake Apple stores uncovered in Kunming, China. Essentially, unauthorized resellers were created identical replicas of Apple retail stores without Apple’s permission. As you can see from the picture above, some of them couldn’t get the company’s name spelled correctly, though.

Now it seems that Chinese officials (and oddly enough not Apple) have gotten word of these fake Apple store operations, and two stores in Kunming, China have already been shut down. We’re still waiting for Steve Jobs to pull out the big red button and nuke the rest of these stores off the map…
The Guardian reports,
“Two of the five fake Apple stores in the southwestern city of Kumming identified by the writer on the Birdabroad blog last week have since been shut down by Chinese officials, according to a local government website there.

But Chinese officials said they would not be taking any action against the other three stores, which like the other two prominently displayed Apple signs and logos, because they did not find any fake Apple products for sale, according to a report by a local newspaper posted on the Kunming city government’s website. Apple has 13 official resellers in Kumming, but no official stores.”

One fake Apple store owner, Yu Cheng, claimed that he was doing Apple a “favor” by selling its products. He also says that an Apple store is actually really easy to replicate, and he compared it to a “school chemistry lab.” We’re sure the folks designing Apple’s upcoming Grand Central store do not agree.

The person to originally report this fake Apple store story has been contacted and told that similar stores exist in countries like Burma, Croatia, Columbia, Slovenia, Spain and Venezuela. Looks like Apple has a problem on its hands!

Video tour of fake Apple store in Kunming:

Hilarious Chinese news segment by NMA:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RedSn0w Can Jailbreak iOS 4.3.5

Following the release of iOS 4.3.5 recently,iDB issued our usual warning about staying away from the latest firmware so that you don’t lose your jailbreak or unlock.

This warning is still in effect for those who don’t want a tethered jailbreak. For the rest of you who don’t mind plugging your iDevice in your computer every time you have to reboot, the word on the street is that RedSn0w can jailbreak iOS 4.3.5

This will work for all devices that support iOS 4.3.5, except for the iPad 2.
In order to jailbreak iOS 4.3.5 using RedSn0w, you will have to update to 4.3.5 first, then point RedSn0w to 4.3.4.

Keep in mind this is a tethered jailbreak. You will need to plug your iDevice in your computer, and launch RedSn0w every single time you’ll want to reboot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.5 To Fix Vulnerability with Certificate Validation

Apple has released iOS 4.3.5 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This update is now available in iTunes and fixes an apparent security vulnerability with certificate validation.

iOS 4.3.5 can be applied to your iDevice by updating your software in iTunes.

Jailbreakers are obviously warned to stay away from this update, or else you will lose your jailbreak.

We do expect the Dev Team to release an update to RedSn0w that will allow for a tethered jailbreak as they’ve done previously, but the Untethered jailbreak has been killed by Apple.

For that reason,highly advise anyone who really cares about their jailbreaking abilities to Stay far away from iOS 4.3.5 . It’s a relatively minor update anyway.

For CDMA iPhone users, Apple has released iOS 4.2.10.

All latest firmwares can be downloaded from my Blog Download Page.

Warning: Don’t Update to iOS 4.3.5 if You Care About Your Jailbreak

Facebook for iPad Hidden Within iPhone App, Here’s How to Get it Right Now

TechCrunch has reported that the rumored Facebook for iPad app is hidden within the iPhone app. How so?

A Twitter user by the name of Marvin Bernal found that changing the “UIDeviceFamily” from 1 to 2 in the info.plist of the iPhone app will display a hidden Facebook iPad app. This also hints that hidden app will become a universal application, meaning that the same app can be downloaded on both an iPhone and an iPad.

Here’s how to get the secret Facebook for iPad app on your own iPad right now…
“Hidden in the code of Facebook’s iPhone app is the code for something else. Something everyone has been waiting over a year for. The iPad app. Yes, it’s real, and it’s spectacular (well, very good, at the very least). And yes, it really is right there within the code. Even better, it’s executable.

TechCrunch’s MG. Siegler confirmed that this is the real, upcoming iPad app for Facebook that we’ve all been waiting for,
“Update: We’ve just talked to a source who had previous seen the app and says that this is in fact the app Facebook was intending to launch shortly. We’ll see if that gets sped up now.”

How to get the hidden Facebook app on a jailbroken iPad:

The Easy Way
Step 1: Download the latest version of Facebook for iPhone to your iPad.
Step 2: Find and install the “FullForce” tweak for free from developer Ryan Petrich in Cydia. Version 1.3.3 will enable the new Facebook for iPad app.
Step 3: Respring your iPad.
Step 4: Go to your iPad’s Settings and find the FullForce settings tab.
Step 5: Switch the toggle for the Facebook iPhone app to On.
Step 6: Exit Settings and enter the Facebook app on your iPad. The hidden app will now be enabled.

Update: this method doesn’t work anymore. Instead of downloading FullForce from Cydia, download FaceForward, a jailbreak app developed specifically to get the Facebook app on iPad.

The Hard Way
Step 1: Download the latest version of Facebook for iPhone to your iPad.
Step 2: Download and install iFile from Cydia.
Step 3: In iFile, navigate to Applications > Facebook
Step 4: Enter the “Facebook.app” folder.
Step 5: Select the “info.plist” file.
Step 6: Navigate to Display Properties > UIDeviceFamily
Step 7: Change the number “1” in the upper right corner to “2
Step 8: Respring your iPad!

On a non-jailbroken iPad:

Step 1: Download iPhone Explorer and Xcode on your Mac.
Step 2: Open the info.plist file in the Facebook for iPhone app in Xcode.
Step 3: Change the UIDeviceFamily property from “1″ to “2.”
Step 4: Respring your iPad!

After using the app for awhile, I found that it’s definitely 100% usable, but it still has a few minor bugs. For instance, when posting a status update, it says “via iPhone” instead of “via iPad.” The UI is also very nice. Also, the app is developed in mostly HTML 5, meaning the app is pretty snappy.

This hidden iPad app happened to appear after the recent Facebook for iPhone 3.4.4 update. By secretly releasing an official iPad app, Facebook has hammered the nails in the coffin for 3rd party Facebook apps on the iPad.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to try installing the app? Let us know how it works for you in the comments!

More screenshots:


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paintball Guns Could Make Art Like This

If you can ignore the blatant advertising (DO THE DEW DUDES), you'll see the masterful skill of painting ball art, I mean, paintball art. It's amazing, the guys literally fire paintball guns to create astonishingly detailed portraits of two fine Americans.

[Via: Gizmodo]

iPhone 5 to Launch on September 5 in US, October 5 Internationally?

Heard several rumors about Apple’s next smartphone. What it’ll look like, what kind of hardware it’ll house, and even who will offer  it and also heard a lot of speculation regarding the device’s launch date.

I been hearing gossip since as far back as April suggesting a September release for the next iPhone, and iPhoneItalia seems to confirm that further with leaked information from a wireless carrier…

The blog has received information from a Swisscom executive claiming his company has already been contacted by Apple regarding iPhone 5 distribution. The tipster told them that the iPhone 5 would be launching in the U.S. on September 5th, and then would go international a month later.

Though the blog says the source is 100% certain about the information, it’s hard not to be a bit skeptical. Especially when Verizon’s COO Lowell McAdam stated on their earnings call today that Verizon though the iPhone 5 was coming in June.

If Verizon’s COO doesn’t know when Apple will launch their next smartphone, how would a Swisscom executive come by that information?

While it’s likely we will see the next iPhone in September, chances are it won’t be available until later in the month. At least with the end of July approaching, we’re not that far away from finding out.

What do you think? October will be Launch in Malaysia?

[Via By: iphonedownloadblog.com & 9to5Mac]

The $38,000 Royal iPhone 4

I know many of you iDB readers are die hard fans of the new royal couple, William and Catherine, so I thought this would be the perfect fit for you. If you have $38,000 to spare on a new iPhone, you might be interested in this Royal iPhone 4, a majestic – yet uber tacky –iPhone made of platinum, diamonds, and sapphires.

Who in his right state of mind would spend $38,000 on an iPhone 4 when the iPhone 5 is right around the corner? Probably someone with bad taste and lots of cash…
“To celebrate Royal wedding Goldgenie have launched The Royal iPhone with SOLID Platinum rear with VS1 8.50 ct. Certified diamond and Sapphire bezel and Apple logo embellished sides and buttons with London Assay office hallmark and certified diamond certificate.

We have incorporated our London Assay office hallmark onto the SOLID Platinum rear of the Royal iPhone 4 Platinum/diamond Rim and Sapphire and logo making this not only a valuable investment but a rare collector’s item as only a Limited edition of 50 will ever be produced across our Gold Platinum and Rose gold releases. The bezel has been set with quality sapphire and diamonds similar to the late Princes Diana’s wedding ring.”

If $38,000 is slightly over your budget, you may want to go with the more affordable Gold version, which will only set you back $33,000. A royal bargain!

Best of all, all of these exclusive iPhones come in a luxurious box… but they still have the same crappy Apple earbuds.

So, who’s buying this?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Italian cops now cruise in a Lotus Evora

The Italian highway cops have their Lambo, but the hard-asses at Arma dei Carabinieri are getting two Lotus Evora S cruisers. The specially-equipped cars have voice recognition tech and a refrigerated compartment for blood-and-organs transport, or keeping their Limoncello cold.
Apparently, all this time we've been ignoring the rest of Colin Chapman's famous quote: Simplify, add lightness, then bust perps.


[Via: Gizmodo]

Watch a sheet of steel transform into a new BMW

The modern assembly process involves a symphony of robotics, a waltz of forklifts, and a few colorful somersaults into pools of acid. Watch this video beautifully capture in time-lapse style, the soup-to-nuts build of a BMW 3-series at the company's Munich plant.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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